Where the Spirit Takes Me

Dear Artist,

I came across your work and it’s been weighing heavily on my mind ever since that chilly London afternoon. You have captured my heart with your aesthetic canvas and I wish to share with you a personal interpretation of your magnificent work.

A girl stands face-to-face with her spirit in the midst of a radiant sunrise. She is tired, weak at the knees. She has been searching for answers, but the spirit has yet to reveal the path she must take. The girl stands by in the evening and waits patiently in silence.

At last, the dawn has come and it is time to take flight. Now is her chance to reach farther than she can possibly imagine. Her spirit has more in store for her than she understands now. So she will embrace the new day that shines before her. She will blindly follow where the white, flawless dove leads her. Possibly to her dream. What the dream may be, she does not yet know.

Thank you, Artist. Thank you for creatively inspiring others every day with your stunning mural.


A Pensive Passerby

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