Where Did Summer Go?

Somebody, please, sit me down and explain, slowly, how it is already July.

Tell me: How?!

The title of this post may seem premature. It’s the beginning of July after all, and we have the rest of this month for summer, and all of August, and the heat is going to last into at least September, so you’re probably thinking “Take a chill pill, Tierney.”

No. I will not take a chill pill. Because July is going to go by in a blink and then my cousin will be getting married and then August will be over and summer will be over and then I’ll be packing up my sandals and then I’ll be heading to London for another wedding of a certain special someone (*cough* Aly *cough*) and then all the stores will be filled with Christmas crap. Wait, the Christmas in the stores should probably come sooner in that list…

You get what I mean.

Summer is half over, and I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly realized. My days have looked less like s’mores, tan lines, and lazing by the lake and more like work, obligation, obligation, work, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Sigh. I’m very privileged and very lucky and it’s time for the complaints to be over.

Before I sat down to write this, I was having my classic “what do I write about” minor panic, and then I remembered that one of my posts when we first started this blog was a last ditch summer bucket list. That one I wrote in August, the normal time for feeling sad about summer being over. However, seeing as I’m already shocked by time’s flight, I thought now was a good chance to think about what I want from the rest of this crazy season.

  • S’mores – Golden brown, not burned, and gooey. My true love.
  • Hot dogs – Don’t tell me where they come from. Nothing beats a hot dog roasted over a bonfire. Except a hot dog followed up by a s’more.
  • Clean my closet – Not fun, and definitely not going to bring me any tan lines, but necessary.
  • Finish the series I’m reading – Normally it doesn’t take me so long, but these days a couple chapters per week is a triumph.
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Float in a lake – And remember to wear sunscreen! No one wants a repeat of the Red Belly Incident of 2016.
  • S’mores – True. Sweet. Love.

Simple things. Attainable things. Delicious things.

It’s only July. There’s plenty of time.

Wishing you all a summer full of relaxation, love, and s’mores!

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