What I’ve learned from Blog Writing (vol. 2)

Roughly one year ago, I wrote a blog post reflecting on our first year of blog writing.

And I titled it “vol. 1” so…I guess it’s about time there was a vol. 2.

Here are a couple things year two of blogging has taught me.


When you don’t post a lot of new content, a lot of new people don’t read your stuff. Actually, no one reads your stuff.

Go figure.

If you want to grow the thing and make the thing better, you have to do the thing. And, much as I love this blog, there are times when I legitimately can’t find the time to write. There are also times when I tell myself I don’t have time to write, and then spend the evening Netflixing. I’m human.

In the not-so-distant past, Aly and I both went through a period of extreme stress and busyness. Posts were skipped, postponed, and skipped again. It was inevitable. We were doing all we could (kudos to Aly for holding to together more than me), but it still wasn’t fun to see our readership drop.

It’s not that the stress and crazy schedules are over, exactly, but we’re each in a new season now, and things are different. Also, we had a big blog meeting to reorganize and reprioritize our Say Entirely life. It was fun; it was helpful. And now, here we are, doing the thing once again. Gunning for more readers and recommitted to creating quality content every week.


So speaking of creating content, I’ve realized this last year that my best posts are the result of strong feelings. My favorite posts—and the posts that people seem to respond to—are the ones where I have a rant I need to let out or a meaningful conviction I want to share. My best writing, and I don’t think it’s too boastful to say so, comes when I have something definitive to say.

And if you think it’s boastful: I don’t care.

When I was younger, I always viewed myself as someone without very many opinions, very middle of the road. There was so much I didn’t know. And now…Now, there’s still a lot I don’t know, and there’s still a lot that I feel unsure of. But, dammit, I do have opinions. And sometimes I even say (write) them well. And even if I don’t write eloquently, then at least I write with purpose and passion. Which is all people want in life, right? A purpose and the passion to pursue it?

It’s funny, because these things I’ve called out as what I’ve learned from year two of blogging…they’re things I’ve been thinking about a lot in general. Not just in my blogging life, but in my life life.

Consistency is part of the equation when you’re setting goals and trying to be a responsible adult human. If I’m on a semi-regular sleep schedule, I function better. If I make the bed every day, the whole apartment feels cleaner. If I work out and don’t eat cookies every day, I feel better. (Now if only I could remind myself of this whenever I’m rummaging through the snacks…)

Passion, well, that what makes something worthwhile. Why do something if you don’t love it?

This blog is a passion project. Why else would we devote hours out of our schedule to write, to take photos, to run social media accounts? We enjoy this. And whatever changes come in the future—whatever fancy layouts we try or new posts we write—that core idea will stay the same.

So, since you’re reading this, thank you. We are so glad you’re here, whether this is the first post you’ve read or you’ve read them all. Thank you for coming along on this messy, beautiful, twenty-something blog ride with us.

2 thoughts on “What I’ve learned from Blog Writing (vol. 2)

  1. T- You do have opinions and I always thought you were one of the coolest people I’ve ever met, especially as you read through books like crazy on the bus. Extreme jealousy to the max!

    Keep up all of the fabulous work!

    1. And I always that that YOU were one of the coolest people ever. True story. So thanks so much for saying that! Means a lot. 🙂

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