What I’ve learned from Blog Writing (vol. 1)

Hi Friends!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and/or was just plain excited about our giveaway—and thanks to everyone who reads! Whether you’re here occasionally or all the time, we really, truly, bottom-of-our-hearts appreciate you.

And so I thought a blog post about blogging might be appropriate. And fun. Mostly fun.

Here are a few things I’ve learned from blogging in the one+ year we’ve been doing this thing.


Just because I’m done with college and homework doesn’t mean I’ll no longer be a procrastinator. Because, believe me, there are plenty of things to procrastinate on that are just as important—or more—than Ethics papers and taking Comm Theory notes. (Reasons why I have an alarm set to go off each month to remind me to pay my student loans. Anyway.) I’ve learned that writing this blog is no different. Most of my posts come out on Thursdays, so Wednesday nights usually find me parked on the couch with my computer, struggling to think of ideas. And don’t even get me started on photos. If you knew how many times I walked into work later than I intended because I had to take an at least semi-decent photo when it was light out…

Planning helps. Now, I’m no Aly when it comes to planning (you should see the glow she has going on when she talks about spreadsheets), but I do know that my posts usually end up better if I don’t think of them at 8:30 p.m. the night before they’re due, after I’ve spent hours wracking my brain and also surfing Instagram because #addicted. If I have a couple ideas brewing, I can pick what will work out best each week instead of doing the “I’ve got nothing” panic. Even if I don’t write a word of a draft, I can at least be thinking about what I’ll say, what I’ll use for a picture, etc. Planning is good—one of these days, I’ll be good at it.

Not everyone is going to love what you love

I’ve written posts I’ve loved that have gotten only one or two likes. I’ve written posts that I thought were just okay that have gotten lots of views and comments. Maybe it has something to do with day or timing, maybe it’s just the luck of the draw, but it is what it is. Just because I think something is particularly witty or moving doesn’t mean others will, and that’s okay.

Show Up, Work Hard

It’s doing the blog that counts. It’s committing each week to write and post and work out the inevitable glitches. Sure, I’d love it if this became the next “thing” and we got a trillion readers and made loads of money and, I don’t know, bought a yacht or something. I would die of happiness. But. It’s the fact that we’re still writing this blog that matters. Honestly, when we started this blog, I never imagined what it would be like to still be writing it over a year later. (It’s not that I thought we’d give up or fail, I just plain didn’t see this far ahead.) And it feels pretty good.

Aly and I have dreams and plans for Say Entirely, but I think that when I look back on this when I’m old and wrinkly, what I’ll be most proud of is just that we did it in the first place. We stuck with it through busy schedules and tiredness and un-inspired spells. We’re creating something here, we’ve put the time in, and that is special in itself.

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