Coffee Chats: Making the Time

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Alarm rings. (Internally cry.) Turn it off.

Get out of bed. Wash face, brush teeth, laugh at thought of putting in contacts. Find cleanish jeans. Take off pajama pants (internally crying) and put on jeans. Walk upstairs through quiet, dark house with one hand out so as to not run face into wall. Clutch purse and phone and socks in other hand, clamping elbow next to ribs to secure coat between.

Toast bagel to eat on drive to work. Drive to work before the sun is up and see no cars because most of the lucky world is still asleep. Arrive at work.

Proceed working. Brew coffee. Wish you had coffee. Serve people, some in a hurry, some crabby, most tired, some so brightly chatty it’s a wonder they need caffeine. Wish you had caffeine. Wish happy thoughts to customers who tip. Smile at everyone.

Realize suddenly that the sun is up. Lower the store’s shades because otherwise you can’t see the cash register.

Work two more hours. Greet your replacement. Say either “Yeah, it’s been busy” or the less common “Nah, it’s been pretty slow.” Collect tips. Make self an americano. Or latte. Either way it gets honey and cinnamon. Clock out, a little late. Change coffee-smelling shirt in bathroom.

Drive to internship. Savor first sips of caffeine. Listen to radio and hope for new favorite song that you can’t remember the name of, or the artist, or most of the lyrics. Curse the car that cuts you off, conveniently forgetting that sometimes you do the same thing.

Get to internship. Do “marketing and communications” which awesomely pretty much translates into tweeting about books and writing. Check email. Finish coffee. (Internally cry.) Tweet some more. Read an interesting article you know you’ll never post. Find the perfect content to share. Tweet some more. Instagram. Etc. Etc.

Drive home. Curse out three vehicles. Thank the pearly white car that lets you merge. Jam out to to radio when favorite song comes on. Contemplate how long you can go without getting more gas. Wonder why everyone is going so freaking slow and realize you’re going the speed limit.

Get home. Eat whatever dinner takes least time to make. Say hey to next family member to come home with mouth full of food. Remember you have a blog post to write or you need to call the bank or you forgot to email about a job interview. Decide what absolutely needs to happen first. Think lovingly of the couch and the remote or the book you are reading. Look at clock. Run to room to get charger because laptop is dead again. Banish TV and or book from your thoughts. Banish them! Or try to.

Remember while doing task that you haven’t talked to best friend nor have you returned boyfriend’s good morning text. Think about friend and/or boyfriend or whomever but forget to actually text them until later. Worry about money or future job. Wish you could have coffee but know that you need to go to bed early because you have to be up for work.

Remember best friend is leaving Minnesota very soon. Panic that you’re both too busy to see each other.

Finish necessary computer work. Take off glasses and rub eyes like an old person. Text boyfriend and determine what to do for date night tomorrow. And by “determine,” both agree that you’ll call each other after work and decide tomorrow. Also decide that it will include some kind of drink. Read one chapter of book. Call friend. Exchange variations of “no, this day I have to meet so and so” and “I have a few free hours this day but this day would work better.” Realize that there’s really no “good” day to meet.

Think about how there’s never enough time. Think about how you wish you had an extended block of time in which to do absolutely nothing. Tell yourself you’d be bored if you weren’t busy. Realize you have time for a little of everything. Realize you can and will make time for the things—the people—who are most important. Look forward to meeting friend next week.

Read one more chapter of book. Look at clock. Decide you can read just one more chapter.

Three chapters later, go to bed.

Alarm rings. Repeat. Smile.

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