Today is Special

When I was younger, I had a bottle of jasmine shower gel. It’s was a very pale purple and had delicate white blooms on the label. I thought it smelled divine.

But I hardly ever used it.

In my head, this was my “special” shower gel. Soap and regular old shower gel were fine for everyday, but the jasmine stuff had to be reserved for occasions. Birthdays, holidays, parties.

I had that stupid bottle of shower gel for years. Much longer than I should have and far longer than my taste for that particular scent remained. And for what? Because it seemed fancy? Because it cost a few dollars more?


That shower gel wasn’t the only thing I’ve pulled the “special” routine with over the years, and I doubt I’m the only one who’s felt the need to hold back, to reserve, to keep anything that seems nice, fancy, or precious in any way for only special occasions.

But: today is special, too.

These days I try to remind myself that things are just things. Sure, some things are nicer than others, but that doesn’t mean we should let ourselves enjoy them. Life is meant to be enjoyed—random Tuesday evenings just as much as birthdays and holidays. Because…why not?

Please, use the special things. You owe it to yourself. Wear the fancy heels, the silky underwear. Buy the flowers and the extra appetizer. Burn all the candles. Eat the artisanal chocolates and drink the more expensive tea.

And, for goodness sake, use the shower gel.

Today is special.

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