Tierney Chlan


FullSizeRenderTierney grew up in a spec-on-the-map town where she spent most of her time dancing, convincing her brothers to play along with her latest make-believe, and reading all the books she could get her hands on. For an embarrassing/awesome amount of years, those books were almost-exclusively horse related.

She met her best friend (surprise—it’s Aly) in high school when the horse phase was over but life was still pretty embarrassing, and they bonded over $1 all you could drink coffee. She thought that maybe she would become a doctor or a physical therapist. She read lots of books. Mostly crappy romances—but what teen doesn’t have that phase?

Then, Tierney went to the College of St. Benedict. Easily one of the best decisions of her life. There, she chose the majors her heart had always told her she wanted: English and Communication. She read lots of mind-blowing books, met amaze-balls professors and friends, drank rivers of coffee working on the college newspaper, and had Backstreet Boys dance parties with Aly. Also, she discovered that life was probably going to always be embarrassing…which at least makes for good stories.

Now, she lives in the Twin Cities in an apartment filled with books and mostly-alive plants with the partner she’s been with forever and ever (which is almost not an exaggeration). Mostly, she tries to be a good person and also to not let the quarter life crisis get to her too much. She loves talking about feminism, chilling with loved ones, and making cookie dough at 9 p.m. because she feels like it.

For writing/blog opportunities, to give book recommendations, or to geek out about Oxford commas, please email sayentirely@gmail.com.

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