The W.T.F.

The last two weeks—No.

The last three…wait. Two.

Oh forget it.

The last weeks have been a mix of weird, fun, and awful, and all the days are blurring together. Usually there’s a negative connotation to “blurring together.” But I haven’t been hating it.

As summer crashed to a close and fall began (and then Mother Nature in Minnesota decided “oh, jokes, let me blast you with some more humidity”), my life has taken a turn.

Normally when someone says that—”taken a turn”—it’s followed up by “better” or “worse” or some kind of adjective. But I can’t really definitely give you an adjective yet.

It’s just a turn.

Something is happening, changing. I’ll get back to you on the better or worse. And if you really need some kind of word to follow up turn, let’s go with weird. Or LOL. Wait, I’ve got it, the 2015 Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year: 😂

(No, I am not kidding you. That really was the word of the year.)

I’ve had a lot of “WTF” moments lately. And, because we can all use a laugh, I thought I’d share.

So, my car. As my car enters its golden years, it is starting to do the thing cars do: break down and cost you all the monies. Its new favorite trick is to not turn on because it thinks I’m stealing it. Yep. My own car, whom I lovingly pour gasoline into and occasionally wash the windows of, thinks I am stealing it.

Apparently it’s a common glitch in this model. I’m able to override the security system, but it takes a lot of janky key turning tricks and at least 10 minutes. It’s a pretty shitty security system if you ask me. It’s more likely I’ll end up banging my head against the wheel in frustration than that my car will actually be stolen, but, hey, I like to imagine somewhere out there, there’s an auto engineer kinda shrugging in this fashion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and saying, “I tried.”

I crashed overnight at my parents’ house so I could take my car in to get fixed. (For a different issue than the security feature. Not only does my car not like to turn on, it doesn’t like to heat. Which is clearly a problem for a Minnesota girl who will soon need to defrost windows.) While there, I forgot to pack a toothbrush and so was left with ye ol’ finger-as-brush standby. Cleanly.

Then, while I am showering, I grab my brother’s Old Spice shower gel. If I must smell like a dude, at least I’ll be a clean dude. It’s only after it is all over my body that I realize it’s actually shampoo, not body wash. Oh well, at least my leg hair will be happy (because I can’t remember last time I shaved). And soap is soap, right? There’s bubbles and sanitizing action going on.


I also forgot my face wash and used hand soap instead. Again, not a huge deal, but enough to make me wonder if there was anything that I did remember to bring. Underwear! I did remember to bring underwear, at least.

Driving back to my apartment (that is a mess because I abandoned my fall decorating efforts halfway through) in my newly heating car, I saw the sunset. A picture really can’t do it justice, but the area I grew up in is really pretty. All rolling hills and farmland and things of that nature. Some days, I forget how nice it is to drive along a road and see trees instead of billboards. Some days, I forget to take a break and watch the sunset.

It’s nice to be reminded.

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