The Funny by Raw Sugar

Sometimes feminism shines brightest when it’s unapologetic and comedic. And raw honesty and laughter is just what Raw Sugar is serving up in their fourth annual comedy show, The Funny.

The Funny is a multi-act show featuring female, trans, genderqueer, agender, queer, and feminist performers. Everyone brings something different to the table. Audiences are treated to singing, dancing, stand-up, monologues, sketches, and—most importantly—each performer’s unique perspective. The night moves along smoothly, thanks to the emcee talents of Aunt Flo.

Yep. That Aunt Flo. (This is one of the few instances where Mother Nature’s “gift” actually lives up to the name.)

Raw Sugar brings together performers of all backgrounds, identities, and artistic disciplines, as well as skill levels. Of the 10 acts, 3 have previously performed with Raw Sugar.

At the risk of redundancy: The Funny is funny. Whether you’re cracking up at jokes about your mom sending you condoms, watching the ever-changing outfits of puppets telling a coming out tale, or groaning over period puns, the artists’ commitment to humor shows.

There’s a commitment to justice as well, as each performer shares their truth as well as their comedic art. Gender, sex, stuffed animals, race, cramps, culture, romance, peanut butter—everything is on the table and everything is unflinchingly honest. The Funny makes narratives other than the white, cis-gender male standard heard and felt. It’s a celebration. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s necessary.

Comedy has a special way of reaching out across differences and forging connections. The stories told during the course of The Funny—whether they unearth new ideas or echo personal experience—strike a chord. That the chord is struck with laughter just makes it all the better.

Photo Credit: Scott Pakudaitis


Book Your Tickets:
The Funny
June 15-24
Tickets: $15 pre-purchase, $18 at door

Presented by Raw Sugar at Open Eye Figure Theatre
506 E 24th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Running Time: 90 minutes with intermission

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