Thanksgiving Gratitude

WE’RE BACK! Oh how I wish I could say the last couple weeks have been the most exciting days of my life, but for those of you who have ever planned a wedding before, you know the truth. The week leading up to the wedding was difficult and stressful. Everyone you think is emotionally stable and drama free—they all fall apart. Because of this, I am withholding most of my wedding stories until I’ve had enough time to process and fully recover.

I was really struggling with writing today because I wasn’t sure how to explain everything over the last couple weeks, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. The day of our wedding was fantastic; I was overwhelmed with happiness as we celebrated. What I couldn’t quite understand was how was I so over-the-moon after all the stress that took place before the wedding? It wasn’t until we celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend when everything about the wedding really settled with me.

This Thanksgiving, my husband and I went all out! We had a roast turkey (I brined and marinaded the 10-pound beast), maple glazed ham, green bean casserole, homemade stuffing, pecan sweet potatoes, garlic and chive mashed potatoes and we even made homemade apple pie. Add a little gravy on the side, and I call that a feast! As Thanksgiving morning went along, I was nervous that I’d burn the turkey on the outside, leaving the inside uncooked. I was concerned the green bean casserole would be cold. I was worried the stuffing would be too dry. Anything that could go wrong, I had already thought about and tried desperately to prepare for any disaster ahead of time.

My husband was a trooper and ran out to retrieve his table he uses for his improv puppet show Glitch, so we could all eat around the table. When he got home, we had a full discussion about how we were going to manage to get everyone to sit at the table since there were only three chairs and a total of nine people dining. So, in came the outdoor folding chairs! We live a mismatched life just like Charlie Brown at his Thanksgiving.

As our friends started to arrive, I began doing mini jumps of joy from tasting the food. Everything was actually turning out! Everyone sat down and began to pass the food around the table. We had a few rookies at the dinner table—I love getting the Brit’s involved in Thanksgiving! One friend kindly brought a pumpkin pie (which I had been craving for the last two months) and another whisked whipping cream like mad for the well-known midwest dish—Snicker Salad. We went all out on this dinner, did I mention that yet?

Wedding BellsAfter cutting the turkey, I turned to witness something special. Our friends smiling with happiness at the fact that we were all about to eat a giant meal together. It in that moment I understood why Mike and I had so much fun at our wedding—it was our amazing friends.

They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. Excuse my ego here, but we’ve found ourselves surrounded by some amazingly kind, generous, caring, just wonderful people. I cannot express my gratitude enough for those who have supported my husband and me on our journey to be together. Thank you! And I mean that. Thank you for standing by us, always smiling and eager to see where life takes us.


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