Spring Things

I seriously considered titling this post “L. O. L.”

Inspired by Aly’s last post, I thought back to some of the writing I’ve been forced to do for teachers. For many years in grade school, my class started the morning with a journal entry. And because I am (regrettably) a pack rat, I’ve kept all these notebooks. Why? I don’t know. Pages and pages—and pages—of the same sort of prompts answered over and over. What did you do this weekend? What is your favorite color and why? If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be? In the 8th grade journal I lugged out of storage, I actually complained about the repetitiveness…which I’m sure my teacher enjoyed.

I’m shocked that little, straight-A, scared of doing the wrong thing Tierney had the audacity to complain about silly journal prompts. I’m also shocked at how bad my writing is. I cringe reading over some of the things I wrote. If I could sum up all my entries in one word, I would say “insipid.” (Yes, I picked that word just to prove that my vocabulary has improved since I was thirteen.)

But, in the spirit of trying to embrace rather than be embarrassed by myself and also in the spirit of spring because Minnesota is finally green, here is one—completely unedited—I’m willing to share for entertainment purposes.


What is your favorite thing to do in the spring?

I like to do lots of things in the spring. I like softball/baseball. I like doing stuff outside. I like swimming (well maybe summer). I like doing stuff with flowers and seeing them bloom. I love that it’s getting warmer and I can get rid of my winter clothes and wear spring stuff. I love flip-flops! Bonus: it’s almost summer. I don’t know it’s just a feeling, I just feel happier (not that I wasn’t happy before I was) and full of energy. So far this spring has been great!

Told you I was serious about calling this “L. O. L.”

On the whole though, that entry isn’t actually that bad (most I could only be induced to share with piles and piles of money as a bribe). And it’s timely, too. It’s finally starting to feel like spring. On my drive to work this morning, I was struck by all the bright green leaves, and I’m looking forward to all the spring things coming. Bring on the flowers and flip-flops, the nights spent by the fire roasting marshmallows, the days of soft pattering rain.

In the wise words of 8th grade Tierney: Spring is great!

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