Small Goals

I like lists.

To do lists, shopping lists, wish lists—I make them all. I don’t necessarily follow or complete all my lists…but that doesn’t mean I love them any less. (I swear, a contender for the title of my biography would be Good Intentions, Zero Follow-Through: The Saga of Tierney Chlan.)


I find that my lists, particularly my to do lists at work, are much more effective when they are short and actually attainable. I am way more productive when I put down just a few things, the most important things, and set about crossing them off rather than drowning in a thousand tasks. Nothing is less satisfying than The List That Doesn’t End.

Lately I’ve been thinking about expanding this attainable list thing beyond the hours of 9-5 and seeing what happens.

Small, attainable goals. Here are a few things I’ll be working on in the next month.

  1. Run six miles. I haven’t been running every day, but a majority of days, and—not gonna lie—I feel pretty proud of myself. I know I’ve never run six miles before, but I know I can get there (getting my butt out of bed to do so without being late for work might be the hardest part).
  2. Eat a vegetable every day. Because sometimes the food pyramid, or plate, or whatever we’re on now, is hard, and I tend to choose carbs, fruit, and cheese in that order.
  3. Relax. Before you start thinking that “relax” is exactly the opposite of a small, attainable goal, stop. I mean this quite literally. In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed how tense my muscles are, especially my shoulders and neck. My goal is to be more conscious about my posture. Be a little less hunched over frog and a little more loose, shoulders back type gal.
  4. Bring some life to my apartment walls. After my gallery wall, apartment decorating hit a bit of a standstill. Time put that hammer to use again and make these tan walls look homey.

That’s it, folks. A few simple things to work into my lifestyle over the next month or so. It will take a little effort—but not so much that it feel like a chore or like I’ve bitten off too much.

Even with my poor track record, I’m feeling pretty good about this list. What would yours be?


This idea was sparked by a blog post from this awesome blog. Yeah, it’s an old post…good intentions, zero follow-through, remember?

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