Sci-Fi London 48-Hour Film Challenge

It’s nearly the end of April and looking back, these last three weekend have flown by! Between my parents’ visit to London and a weekend of spring cleaning, April has come and gone already. The next couple posts, I’ll be diving into all my most recent adventures and to kick off this massively busy month, I’ll begin with my partner asking me to help out on something rather special.

For the past couple years, my partner has participated in the Sci-Fi London 48hr Challenge and this year I became his sidekick. After mulling over the story, my partner walked into the bedroom and asked, “I need you to build something for me.” Cue the “oh shit” face, because the word ‘build’ means potentially a lot of work in a small space of time.

After hours of sewing (only two broken needles!!!), hot glue, foam and tons of fur, my partner and I made a giant squirrel costume. You read that correctly, a GIANT SQUIRREL COSTUME!

So what’s this film about? Well, why not watch the 5-minute film and find out!? 🙂

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