Pineapple Wine

I really like to put pineapple in my wine.

Just wanted to put that in a blog post somehow.

But, alas, I cannot write an entire post about putting sliced pineapple in my red* wine. Or…I could. Don’t underestimate my ability to wax poetic about pineapple wine. The thing is that I won’t write an entire post about it because I don’t think anyone wants to read that.

What I am going to write about is moments.

There are certain events in life you will always look back on and smile. It could be getting married or holding your child for the first time or graduating college. But I think it’s more often the little moments that matter even more. Golden moments that, even out of all the happy moments of your life, shine extra bright. I can’t speak to marriage or babies I guess, but, though graduating was great, it was spending that night snuggling with my roommates on the couch that I look back on more often.

It’s the moments you couldn’t have anticipated that end up perfect. If you’d asked me beforehand if I’d think more about changing over my tassel or squeezing onto a tiny, grungy couch—well, I wouldn’t have picked the couch.

And then, there are the times when you can anticipate the special moments. There are the times when, even as things are happening before your eyes, you know that you will cherish it forever. You’re certain. (Just like you’re certain when you pour the glass of wine that the sweet pineapple will be there waiting for you at the end.)

Maybe you stop short and realize how blessed you are. But probably it’s slow, like light spilling over the horizon, this realization and recognition of how full your heart is. Slow and warm and sweet. In moments like these, you smile a little wider. You tip your drink back to get every last drop and you dance a little harder, hug your loved ones a little tighter. You know it won’t last, so you’re savoring and saving it up for later.

Moments like this are—forgive a cliche—what makes life worthwhile. They’re those moments you want to slow down and play again. Moments that are all the precious because you know they are all too brief. Moments you wait for in sweet anticipation, like you wait for the moment the wine-swelled fruit hits your tongue.

Wait…did I just write entire post about pineapple wine?


*What kind of wine you ask? Any wine. The cheaper the better because, in the words of Leslie Knope: “I can’t tell the difference.”


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