Our Top 11: Say Entirely is 2! 

Happy 2nd Birthday Say Entirely!

We’d say “time flies”—but that’d be cheesy.

You don’t need a crystal ball to guess that a lot has changed in the last year. Aly moved to London, Tierney finally got curtains in her apartment, the blog got a redesign…you know, life things. As we enter our Terrible Twos (with fingers crossed it’s the opposite of terrible), we thought it would be fun to revisit some our favorite/favourite posts from our second year of blogging.

Can’t get enough? Check out last year’s roundup here!


Reading, blogging, inspiration…sometimes a realization hits out of the blue and you realize you’re a writer. Writer from a Distance talks about that moment.


Female friendships are everything. An Open Letter to Every Woman Who Is, Has Been, or Ever Will Be My Friend celebrates the special women in our lives.


Read Aly’s touching memorial to her grandma in Spadl Lístek Z Javora.

3 job search tips

We talked a lot about job this year on Say Entirely. A lot, a lot. Both of us went through a lot of work-related changes, both planned and unexpected, and we hope sharing our stories is beneficial to the other twenty-somethings out there. Some of our favorites were Running a Business at 23 and 3 Tips for Surviving the Job Search Process.


What the heck is this picture about? Aly enlightens you in The Fail That’s Never Ending. (Okay, okay, calm down. It’s not blood. It’s actually the Popsicle Massacre of 2015 thanks to a freezer glitch in our college apartment…but read Aly’s post anyway. It’s not at all about popsicles.)


Sometimes kindness makes Tierney cry. That might be weird, and the post Nice People Make Me Cry might be even weirder, but it’s honest, which is all you can ever ask for, right?

Nightmare on High Street

Things get up close and personal with Mother Nature in Nightmare on High Street. Ladies, don’t lie. You know you’ve been there.

lost keys

It wouldn’t be a year of Say Entirely without Tierney having some kind of trouble involving a car. Struggles on struggles for your entertainment in My Life is a Meme.

Lake Michigan

With a broken phone in one hand and Batman shoes in the other. The Sand Dunes of Indiana reminds us even the worst days have silver linings if you refuse to quit.


Cheating because this post isn’t technically from the last year, but we can’t help but look back (hands clasped over heart, tear in the eye) at one of our very first posts!

We also started our guest posts this year! And—no exaggeration—they’ve all been fantastic. Don’t miss wise words from Erin, FarrahLaura, and Marie!

As always, huge hugs and thanks to all our readers! Cheers to another year!

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