Ode to My True Chocolately Love

My Chocolately Chocolate Love,

There are not enough words to describe my sweet, sweet love for you. Your smooth, creamy texture captivates me. Perhaps it’s because you only visit for a short time of the year or because you can make a grey day blue again, but you, my dear Hot Chocolate, have the simplest of ways making life supreme.

My love for you started when I was young, sitting next to my dad at the cold hockey games. You always managed to keep my hands warm as your delicious scent filled the icy air. My cheeks may have been rosy red from the cold, but my heart was as warm as a fire after every sip.

As time went on, I added to your fashion a marshmallow or two…or sometimes twenty. Maybe even a whipped cream top hat would do. With a few sprinkles mixed in to a bring a little sparkle to your life, then you, my dear Hot Chocolate, were too good to be true.

I never believed that life could get much better with you and me. We were to two peas in a pod, you see? It was when someone special came around, my love for you Hot Chocolate became profound. You changed in a new way, a new taste, a new smell—you just weren’t the same. You were good once, but now great after your communion with Baileys. I’ll admit, I had my speculations about this new joy in your life but soon was convinced of your truest disguise.

Now, as the fluffy snowflakes land ever so gracefully on my nose in this snowy London blizzard, I hold you tightly in my hands. Oh, how my love for you can never be shaken. You, me, and Baileys—a perfect three.

With the sincerest of love,

Aly xoxo


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