Morning Dew

Let’s take a step away from talk about this amazing season and talk about something that really grinds my gears! Oh my short walk to work, I have some spare time to think. One morning, I was walking down the dewy street when I walked by a beautiful leaf sprinkle with water droplets. I got to thinking…

It’s such a pretty leaf. Just sitting there, not bothering anyone. I bet people are going to walk right by it without even noticing. I bet they’ll generalize the leaf and think it’s like all the other leaves falling down this season. Thus, begins my ranting…

Sitting outside, enjoying the crisp breeze, I sat with my eyes closed and overheard a man say, “You know, they say the eldest child is more likely to be the most successful?” UGH. First of all, where did this dude get his fact from? Second, what does it even matter which child is successful? Third, what is the definition of clear success? Success in life could mean something different to everyone. All this dude was doing was trying to impress the woman who clearly wasn’t buying his charm (for good reason too).

I cannot stand when people make these general statements like these because they’re usually putting someone else down in hopes to make oneself feel better. Statements like “the middle child is SO dramatic” or “the youngest gets everything”. Maybe the middle child is dramatic because the siblings on opposite sides are teaming up and terrorizing the middle child. Maybe the youngest looks as if they’re spoiled when in actuality they worked hard to get what they wanted in life.

So, how come we need to compare everyone to everyone else in such a negative light?

Not long ago, my partner and I were holding hands and I don’t know, being all “couple-like” in front of some family members. The line “oh, we were like that once… it will go away someday” came up. Thanks a lot for raining on our parade. Also, why are you wishing upon us that we’ll lose touch with our happy couple ways? Statements like this aren’t funny, they’re negative and knock people down.

Everyone likes to put themselves in another person’s position—always trying to prove we understand someone’s life. We’re all different, just like that poor sparkled up leaf rotting in the street. We often blend into the many, but we are individuals with different journeys.

These are the types of things I contemplate on my walk to work in the morning dew.

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