Mismatched Lifestyle

Admittedly when it comes to home decorating I’ve never had real style. No, honestly! Back in college, Tierney and I planned to decorate our room every year in a cool and hip way. We’d go by our peers’ rooms and they’d be perfectly color coordinated and matching. Tierney and I, on the other hand, had mismatched rooms and I’ll take the majority of the blame here. I was never very good at dorm decorating.

Lately, I’ve been trying to do a little decorating—aiming to give the flat a little home love. It started with the garden, but looking at my flowers now, there’s no good rhyme or reason why I planted my flowers in their resting places. I’ve tried to redo tables and dressers, but those projects are still in process. I even brought my grandma’s afghans over to give our bed a little color. It’s just that no matter how hard I try, it all turns into a mismatched mess!

This weekend, as I went our local butcher (Saturday BBQ has become a regular must-do), I popped by a hospice thrift shop. As I entered a giant waft of ancient air filled the room, it was like all the oldest people got all their oldest treasures together and dropped them off for display in a tiny shop. I was digging through a few dishes, not really in dire need of anything when I found this pretty flowered plate. It was the perfect size for a small meal or serving a little cake. On top of it, I spotted a few bowls of different designs. The blue ones reminded me of the dishes my ma used to have when I was growing up. I liked bowls and the plate, but they weren’t a set and definitely didn’t go together.

That’s when it hit me. Why am I looking to match and be like everyone else? I’ve never been very good at fitting in, why the heck am I trying now!?

My mismatched decorating is a very good representation of my life. I’m scattered out everywhere. One day I’m watching a show and the next I’m helping my partner make puppets. Then there are the days I’m working late at the office and the days where I sit outside drinking my morning coffee. Somehow through all of this, I have to be happy and peppy, even if our flat mate has left a dirty toothpaste handprint on the bathroom mirror for the millionth time.

Life isn’t about being perfect and fitting in. Life isn’t easy and it sure isn’t consistent. Life gets messy… a lot. But, I think life should be a little mismatched. Every day is different and I love that! I’d rather go into a day not knowing what it’s going to be like, then always having a clear plan. Every day becomes a mini adventure.

So I bought the plate and bowls. It seems I’ve finally found the thing that makes my home unique. If you look in our home, it’s no model home. It’s a mixture of our crazy lives scattered around the rooms. Even my garden is a mismatch of flowers with no pattern whatsoever. Now that I finally understand my home decorating sense, I just need to figure out what happening with my fashion sense…

Note: You know what else makes these mismatched dishes awesome? I can break them and not cry about because it wasn’t a gift from someone. I can chip a plate and not fuss about it because it didn’t cost me a giant chunk of my paycheck. If I break anything, I’ll just go out and find some more adorably mismatched dishes!

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