Making Me Accountable

Mmmmm… strawberry-rhubarb pie is delicious. No matter what time of year, I love rhubarb and really feel there just isn’t enough baked goods with it! This morning I had a cup of fresh coffee on one side of me and a slice of homemade rhubarb pie on the other side. I’m of course sitting out in my garden admiring my two new pentunias—I got a deal at a market, two for £5! What could be sweeter than this delicious moment?

Life’s been a little crazy lately in all the best ways. As you heard in my Cozy Weekend Days, the weeks continue to be busy and on the weekends I try to relax in any way that I can. Although the weekends have become my potential blog posts, I fear they are ones that seem will be complete. I’ve started lots of projects in hopes to not only make our little home a little more welcome, but also some projects will make our wedding a little grander.

So in order to make me accountable for all my projects, I thought I’d share them with you wonderful people. In no great particular order….

  1. Bridesmaid Dresses (+1 Scrap Dress): This “little” project bumped to the top of my list this weekend. After months of going back and forth about what style I liked and a color that would work with our wedding, I gave up on the hope of just buying these dresses. I’ve never been much of an off-the-rack person and my wedding isn’t going to be either. So this weekend, I went with a friend to a big fabric shop in Lewisham (my new favorite area for Saturday morning markets). After a solid hour of digging through all the fabric, we settled on some fabric we found that is simple, elegant and classic. *Becuase I have a tendency to make mistakes, I decided on a scrap dress. We bought some pretty rose patterned cotton fabric for the scrap dress. Fingers crossed this will be done this week!
  2. DIY Veneer Dresser: My partner found a dresser abandoned in an alleyway that was in good condition. Because I love street-finds so much, we carried it home together. The structure was still in place, but the veneer wood was peeling off. After doing some research I found that if tear away the peeling veneer and putty the holes/cracks, I could repaint it and have an all new dresser. Its current stage is newly puttied up and sanded down. All I need to do is paint!
  3. Crocheted Afghan Blanket: I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I’ve started a pretty blanket for someone (and the deadline is coming up). I ran out of the yarn I liked months ago, so I’ve stopped. I really need to decide if I can buy the yarn in bulk online or if I should pick it up in Minnesota. Either way, I’ve got to get this done before it’s too late!
  4. DIY Broken Shutter: This is another one of my street-finds. Our bedroom faces the street and we’re on the main floor, so I don’t get to have the curtains open much. We’ve talked about putting a stain glass window in front, but it’s highly unlikely that’s going to happen anytime soon. When I came across a wooden shutter, I thought that if it was painted nicely, we could place that in front of the bottom window, leaving the top window open for light. I brought it home and notice that some of the slates were falling out, others were broken. Like the dresser, I used the putty tactic. I’ve filled in the holes and fixed the broken slates. All that’s left to do is sand, paint and decorate!
  5. Grooms Suit Pants: Yes, I’m making my partner’s suit pants for the wedding! I know, it sounds crazy with all that needs to get done. BUT, this is important. Nothing’s been done here and probably won’t get done until after August. I don’t even have the pattern for this project yet. I’ll get back to you on this one!
  6. DIY Glass Table: I love my garden, but I can’t stand sitting at a crummy old glass table. The legs have been spray painted a royal blue and it looks like a toddler attempted to paint them. The glasses is old and spiders keep building giant webs underneath the table. So I grabbed some sand paper and primer and went to town! After a day of scraping off any old blue spray paint and any rust, I managed to prime. Unfortunately, it was a windy day when I primed, so dirt gathered on the wet legs. I’ve got to redo the sanding and potentially add another coat of primer before painting (cue tears of sadness). So this project is on hold until I’m able to finish it up indoors or on a none windy day. [Psss…I’m all done with this one! See DIY Glass Table!]

Well, there you have it! All the major projects that need to get done, alongside oh I don’t know…wedding invitations, bridal showering planning, flowers, gifts for people in our wedding, gifts for weddings we need to attend, cleaning the flat weekly, finances, blog writing, show attending, wedding cake tasting, and the other endless to-do’s for a wedding and daily life…the list goes on.

So, it’s a lot. But, I’m an organized nut-bag who likes the pressure of getting creative tasks done. Therefore, it’ll all get done. Don’t you worry! It will all get done. Excuse me while I eat another slice of rhubarb pie. 🙂

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