Let’s DIY It!

On my holiday back in the States, I’ve been doing more work than I had imagined. Every day I’ve taken on the challenge of cleaning my sister’s house and her kids’ bedrooms (it’s a terrifying thought – I know). But…it’s been fantastic! For a whole month, all I get to do is organise, bake and hang out with children.

Finny and his muffinWe’ve baked quite a bit since I’ve been home. This little guy has been learning how to bake my autumn muffins (or to him cupcakes – let’s keep that secret between us). It was a nice start to the week tasting a little banana with cinnamon and cloves.

Later in the week, we used up my Uncle Larry’s home-grown apples for apple and peach pie. I am a die hard fan of the Annie Eats pie crust recipe and for filling, I went off of a few apple pie recipes. If you have allergies to dairy, it works to swap out the butter with vegetable oil.


Cooking apples and peaches Baked Apple and Peach Pie Slice of goodness

As the week went on and more cleaning occurred, I decided thrifting was going to be a must do. I went off one day in search of a chore chart (check), red fabric for bedroom curtains (check), bathroom decoration (check), and a toothbrush holder (check). The bathroom decoration came to me during afternoon coffee with a friend. I spotted a black wreath and was in awe. It’s so simple and I love to be festive!

Parker spray painting It was time to get crafty! I had some assistance on spray painting the leaves black – he was even better at spray painting glitter on than me! Then I intertwined the leaves into the cage while my 10-year-old nephew shot baskets directly above my head. Yes, I could have moved, but that would mean moving all of my supplies and that just wouldn’t do.DIY Project

After a couple hours the project was complete. Now the large space in the bathroom has a pretty little cage full of leaves.

Now as this week begins, I’m working on another bedroom that has more DIY projects ahead of itself. So a month off from theatre isn’t so bad. I still get to be crafty and I must say we’re eating well here with all the baked goods and crockpot dishes. This Fall is turning out pretty good. Oh! I haven’t even mentioned the homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes…oh, well we’ll save that for next week!

Tierney’s DIY Chair: Thrift Store Gold

Apple Pie Recipe: Spiced Bourbon Peach-Apple Pie

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