Inspired by The Greatest Showman

Today, I’m going to go on a little tangent about some things that I love and why we as a society should appreciate them more. Can you guess what the subject is?

We’re talking all about the spectacle that is theatre!

I love everything about theatre, but what I love the most about theatre is the time and dedication people give to a production which creates the greatest spectacles. Whether we’re talking about a film, a TV series or a West End production, the time that goes into putting together a show brings tears to my eyes. Why an I so sobby about time? Because that time is valued so greatly and some of the best creative work makes for the best shows.

Back in college, I came home on a Friday night around 2:00 a.m. and my roommate was studying biology. She smiled and said, “Out with friends tonight?” My response, “Me? No! I was at the theatre running a rehearsal and then I stayed to help paint the set.” As if we theatre people have social lives! The theatre social circle is everyone you know or work with on another show. These people become the best of friends and the ones who come to our aid in creating great spectacles. I know I keep just throwing that word out there—spectacle—then not explaining it. You know that moment when you watch something big, risky or heartwrenching and it gets you on the edge of your seat? That’s what I’d call a spectacle.

The love of theatre is the driving force to creating a giant spectacle for audiences. Even you football fan out there, you love theatre! I know you call it a “sport” so it’s not the same thing. Well, news flash sports fan, where did all that sporting stuff come? Call the Roman’s, they’ll give you a history lesson. That’s a discussion for another time. Getting back on track…

It’s all just a spectacle. As an audience, we love stories. We love our cheesy rom-coms and seeing a blooming relationship have triumphs and tragedies. We love watching a football game and hoping in the last 14 seconds our team will catch the winning touchdown (hint, hint, MN Vikings game anyone?) We love the dramatic songs of a musical and the bright lights to flashy tap numbers. All that is our love for theatrical spectacles.

That’s why I cried many times while watching The Greatest Showman. The film itself was amazing with its uplifting songs, brilliant dancing, and a heartwarming story.
Then there’s the making of the film that really gets me. All the people involved were emotionally involved (check out these awesome videos of “This Is Me” and “From Now On“). The dedication of the cast, crew and production team was clear – they were honestly zoned into their creative work and it was beautiful.

The Greatest Showman was my perfect spectacle.

So the next time you idly watch your favorite film or veg out watching a Netflix series, know this – it’s all a show that was built by hard-working men and women. Your show can be great one day and half-so the next. But don’t you go for one second believing life could go on without the theatre. We are living in a world surrounded by the greatest of spectacles.

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