Independent Dependent Woman

Do you ever feel like lying on the floor for an afternoon avoiding all confrontation and the endless life responsibilities? I felt that way last week. My partner was out of the country on a business trip with his job, thus giving me some time to myself. He was away less than five days and after two days of fiance-freedom, my days turned into fiance-blues.

I like to think of myself as a strong, independent (sometimes stubborn) woman. I’ve never “needed” a man in my life. Wanted, yes. Needed, no. If I needed someone, that would make me dependent on another person and that just wouldn’t work! I wanted to adventure out, explore life, and see the world as an independent woman. At least that’s the woman I thought I wanted and this week I discovered the reality of who I’ve become.

A Dependent Woman.

Uh…so when did this happen!? Have I seriously become one of those women who post pictures as a couple all the time on Facebook declaring to the world her love? Do I really spend all my time with my partner watching movies, shopping, and hanging out? Are my friends now his friends and his friends, mine? Have I no shame in this terribly cliche lifestyle?!

Okay, I’m being a little overdramatic here. But, can you blame me? Here I am walking around thinking I’m all independent and promoting “girl power” when I’ve somehow walked into a completely dependent relationship. After much consideration and analyzation on this subject (because I had time on my hands last week fiance-less), I’ve figured out how I got into this dependent situation.

Shameless Reason’s Why I’m A Dependent Woman:

  1. I like that that someone else is willing to help me make dinner
  2. I like that I don’t always have to wash dishes and do housework all by myself
  3. I enjoy watching TV and movies with someone next to me
  4. I don’t fall asleep alone. Someone’s got my back. Literally, he always has a hand on my back. If he doesn’t, I’ll scooch my butt back until he puts his hand on me. 🙂
  5. When I am stressed, he is calm.
  6. When he is stressed, I am organized and ready to help.
  7. Someone is always around to make me laugh.
  8. Someone is always around to hug me when I cry.
  9. He doesn’t judge me for my ridiculous sense of humor or embarrasses me in front of friends.
  10. He’s dependent on me and I am dependent on him.

I don’t say this enough, but I got really lucky in life with the man I found. I never cared much for dating and so early on in my twenties, I found someone that fits with me. Even though we get frustrated with each other at times, I love that we don’t allow ourselves to hold grudges against one another. Without his sense of calm present in my life, I cannot imagine how I could have handled going through the journey to London alone. I’m a dependent woman…and I kinda like it…

Note: One month until our wedding day. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

3 thoughts on “Independent Dependent Woman

  1. I was like that just before our wedding,and now 40yrs later I think it is just right .Be aware us Hutcherson males wed for life.

    1. Ha! If Hutcherson males wed for life, you should know Chromy girls never leave! Looks like this might a perfect match.

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