Happy Galentine’s Day

“Ladies celebrating ladies.”
—Leslie Knope

It’s that time again. The best day of the year. Galentine’s Day.

Ah, Galentine’s Day. A creation by Leslie Knope from the TV show Parks and Rec, where women leave the guys at home on February 13th to celebrate each other (and have a delicious brunch).

You may not expect it from two women who’ve been friends for over ten years and co-write a blog, but let us tell you: We’re big fans of Galentine’s Day. (Mostly for the idea behind it, but some eggs, waffles, and mimosas don’t hurt either.)

When we think about our female friends, we think about trust. They are who you call when you need to rant in anger and when you need to cry for joy because Hugh Jackman’s singing is just so beautiful. When you need an honest opinion on a shirt or shade of lipstick, female friends judge with a simple ‘yah’ or ‘nah’ to what might be the best or worst choice. These are the friends who listen for the sake of listening and not only in an effort to respond, who listen with their hearts. You count on them for advice, and the only thing that may be more valuable than that advice is their wordless, unwavering support. These are the people who share in your triumphs with joy and without jealousy.

You know what’s awesome about women? Their friendship, connection, sisterhood—whatever term speaks to you—applies to people you’ve known for years, but it also extends to people you know only in passing. No matter where you are in the world, the women’s bathroom is a sacred place. We go in there friendless and walk out like we’re besties.  The funniest bonding time happens in women’s bathrooms. Whether we’re complaining about the one stall with an endless line of antsy women or lack toilet paper, we women love to become friends in the bathrooms.

All right ladies, raise your freshly made mimosas for our Galentine’s Day toast…

Here’s to all the women who work their asses off even when they’re sicker than a dog with the flu—

Here’s to the women who convinced you to buy the ridiculous outfit that may have been too expensive but you look damn amazing in—

Here’s to all the funny women out there who don’t get enough silly-factor credit—

Here’s to the women who stayed up late with you playing M.A.S.H. and giggling over playground romances—

Here’s to the working moms who are killing it in the office, the lab, the E.R., the newsroom, the courtroom and are also soothing hurts, making PB&Js, and raising the next generation of kick-ass humans—

Here’s to all the moms, because, well, moms: Where would we be without them?—

Here’s to the women who take no shit and give no shits—

Here’s to the sensitive women who feel everything and show their emotions without shame—

Here’s to the women who know exactly how often you wash (or, let’s be honest: you don’t wash) your bras and don’t judge—

Here’s to the ladies who inspire you to be your best self and support you no matter what—

Here’s to your new best friend that you met in the bathroom 5 minutes ago and whom you proceeded to pour your heart out to (hey, the lines for the ladies’ room are always long)—

Here’s to—uh oh, we need another bottle of champagne…

Cheers ladies! Happy Galetine’s Day, and we hope you have a splendid day celebrating with the women that you love.

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