Halloween Memories


We’re just a little bit excited. If you couldn’t tell.

In honor of our lifelong love of this spooky, sugar-filled holiday, we’re sharing a few memories.

Earliest Halloween Memory

Aly: The only standout Halloween memory I have at a young age is when I was eight and I dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I think it stands out in my memory because I was in love with The Wizard of Oz and it happened to be freezing that year while we were trick-or-treating. I always wanted to be Dorothy in a live production one day, but I think my shining moment was all those years ago when I got to run around taking candy from strangers.

Tierney: I think this is a real memory, so we’re going with it: When I was three, I was Miss Muppet and my brother Dylan, just a wee babe at the time, was a spider. (Kudos to Mom for thinking of that idea and making the costumes.) I remember looking down on the little black, many legged thing—Dylan—on a white blanket. That’s it, that’s the entire memory—but I was only three, give me a break. I could have made this up after I’d seen a picture of him, but I’m pretty sure it’s real.

Favorite Halloween Costume

Aly: Senior year of High School one of my favorite movies came out—Alice in Wonderland. I loved every part of that film, and so that year Tierney and I dressed up as Alice and the Mad Hatter. Can you guess who I was? The Mad Hatter of course! I went full out on that costume by getting a special hat and finding the perfect clothes from the thrift store. The best part was the amount of makeup I caked on my face. I wore it all day at school. Yes, I was a nerd, but at least I looked awesome!

Tierney: [Aly did look awesome ^^] I’ve actually had a lot of great costumes, if I do say so myself. Although I did use the same witch costume for two different years as a kid, so…for the purposes of this question, I guess I’ll use that as my favorite. I had a black and purple costume, a feathery hat, black goth-stye lipstick, a cape—the whole shebang, and it was awesome. And this year Kyle and I dressed up as Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin, FBI, which actually turned out better than I’d imagined; a huge step up from our black and white salt and pepper t-shirts last year!

Favorite Halloween Food

Aly: Um… brown sugared squash. No, wait, pumpkin pie. No, no Halloween Oreos! I also like just having a bowl of candy corn out. I’ll never eat it, but it’s good to know it available if I wanted some.

Tierney: Halloween Oreos. Also, I do the same thing with the candy corn. I only actually want to eat two pieces, but it sure is pretty.

Favorite Halloween Tradition

Aly: I’ve never really had consistent Halloween traditions; it’s more like they just happen on their own. The only thing I do every year (no matter what country I’m in) is play Halloween movies while I cook, clean, work or even while I hang out. I love carving pumpkins and drinking my Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but on Halloween night I’m a happy camper having A Spooktacular October.

Tierney: My favorite tradition is actually pretty new. Last year, Kyle and I had friends over to our apartment for a party. We dressed up, I made sangria, etc. This year, we had people over, dressed up, I made sangria. It’s a pretty chill night, but it’s fun, and it’s something I can see us doing for years and years to come.

This Halloween I am…

Aly: Watching the last two episode of Stranger Things and carving our pumpkin. I may even roast some pumpkin seeds.

Tierney: Well, we’ve had our party, carved our pumpkins with family, and I’ve watched Hocus Pocus twice. So, with all the major things already checked off, you’ll probably find me sitting on the couch in my “Winnie the Boo!” sweatshirt (it’s vintage a.k.a. stole it from my mother) eating Halloween Oreos and watching scary movies. Or It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Probably both.


Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you have a festively spooky day!

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  1. Just gotta love some Happy Halloweenie 🎃👻🕷
    Just so you know Tierney – you are totally correct on your memory of you and Dylan dressing up as Little Miss Muffet and the spider! It was pretty cool 👍🏻

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