Today we’ve done something a little different with this blog post; we’ve decided to write this one together. During an evening video chat date, we discovered that our lives have hit some crossroads. The realness of not packing our belongings for school is sinking in as we search for jobs and decide on what our next steps in life are going to be.

Whether or not we recognized it at the time, we’ve hit crossroads before. We started high school, fourteen and excited to be in a new school, to be becoming grownups—or what we thought was grown up anyway. Who knew that a seating chart placing us next to each other on the very first day of freshman year would become a pivotal moment in our lives?

Picture this. Two young, awkward girls. Aly was a chatter; Tierney was quiet. They partnered up for in-class assignments. Aly’s fashion sense needed some work. Tierney’s hair was half her natural blonde and half a very unnatural maroon. They become friends and for the next four years, they battled their way through history projects, CIS Literature, and every awkward high school dance.

First College Trip
Aly’s packed in her car on the way to St. Ben’s for her first year of college

College was the next big crossroad, but it was also the logical, assumed step. At eighteen, we thought we had a handle on life, and were eager to discover another new school. We chose the same college without consulting each other, but it was comforting to know a friend was there if needed.

Then for the next four years, we had more challenges than anticipated. We had late night reading sessions filled with hysterical laughing due to lack of sleep and fancy hot chocolate. We had days where we felt numb from all of the information we had consumed in our five classes. We cried and laughed and watched each other grow into the women we are today—women that our high school selves could never have dreamed.



First Year Photo ShootSince Preschool, the academic calendar has run our lives. We’re free of it now. It’s a weird thing to contemplate, how school bells and bus schedules dominated our lives. And now we can do whatever we want. It’s a different kind of crossroad. We’re not starting a different school or moving up another grade level, instead, we’re entering into the “real life” our education was (fingers crossed) preparing us for.
Three months out of college and we’ve hit another crossroad. Tierney’s found herself an internship in the Twin Cities. Aly’s still working on her next step in her London life. The future is unknown in both pathways and we are stepping blindly into our crossroads. As our journey continues to move forward in new ways, our friendship continues to grow and guide us through these life changing crossroads of the “real world”.

Graduation Day

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  1. First of all, aww. Second, who’s evening really was it? Details…and third. I can’t help but think of the esteemed T. Swift’s work, “Fifteen” even though you were 14. That’s all.

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