Cozy Weekend Days

I cannot believe that it is the last week of June! I am truly shocked! At the end of May, I had big plans for this month, and I’ve barely accomplished any of my projects. All I can say is that I was not physically or mentally prepared for the wrath of June.

Work has been tough. I’m not complaining! This is a busy time of year, and I’m desperately trying to wrap my head around everything. So after spending 8 hours a day working, problem-solving and doing math in my head, I’m drained by the time I reach my flat. Throw in a couple shows a week and I’m exhausted. Again, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love seeing shows and I love that I have a good paying job. It’s just nice to have a small bit of time off every now and again.

That leads me into the topic about my new all-time favorite days of the week—the weekend! My weekend starts at 5:30 p.m. on Friday and goes until late Sunday evening. I treasure every second of my weekend now, unlike my college years. Back in college, I  looked forward to the weekend because I’d go out to a show or hang out friends. Now, in my twentysomething life,  I do all the fun and eventful stuff during the week and hide away on the weekends.

I cannot express to you in words how much I’ve learned to love my Sunday morning routines. Beginning with an early morning cuddle with my sleepy man (who could do without me waking him up at 8 a.m.), then while watching Sunday Brunch (this is equivalent to Sunday Mornings in the States, but it WAY better) we make pancakes and at some point, I’m in my garden looking after my baby flowers. Ugh, I feel like my parents!

The weekends are my small chance to get some relaxation time. However, my form of “relaxation” comes in a variety of ways. I’m a do-er. I’ve always got to be working on something. Heck, even while I’m soaking in a nice bath, I’m running through the list of “to-do’s” for the day. I like to think this obsessive need for a to-do list is the result of being a proactive person. Some would say it’s my need for control, I like to think it’s me being proactive to avoid messes.

Over the past couple weekends I’ve started a few DIY projects (stay tuned, I’ll finish them eventually), spent my time looking after my garden and have made some amazing BBQ meals. That’s what I find relaxing. I guess what I’ve learned from this busy lifestyle is that on the weekends I want to be at home, taking care of my home. I want to enjoy the comfort of my own bed, the smell of our sweet garden and the endless amount of crafts that I have set out around the flat.

It’s Monday and I’m already looking forward to my cozy Saturday morning. Until then, sleep is calling me….good night everyone!

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