Christmas Storiessz V: Silent Night at Southern Theater

After four solid years of crazy Christmas stories, Sheep Theater was back again this Christmas at the Southern Theater with their new (sadly, short-lived) show Christmas Storiessz: Silent Night.

For those who have seen Christmas Storiessz in the past, this year’s show brought back some beloved characters like Detective Dick Mahoney and once again the show was presented by Catholic St. Solomon’s Catholic Middle Catholic Private School annual’s Christmas Pageant. Last year, the story ended with Frosty the Snowman being used as a nuclear warhead to blow up a meteor heading toward Earth and Santa was dead. Yes, you read that all correctly, no I’m not making this up. This year, the story began with the FBI searching for Dick Mahoney after mysterious presents started showing up under people’s Christmas trees. Who was behind this mad present giving frenzy? 

Christmas Storiessz: Silent Night had some killer laughs and for those who come to these shows annually know they’re in for a satirical treat. At times some scenes got a little content heavy and a little too talky, but within seconds the next thing you know Dick Mahoney is flying through the air as Frosty the Snowman is madly running around. Sheep Theater takes some massive risks in their shows by taking a simple story and turning it into an epic tale.

For only two short days, Sheep Theater’s Christmas Storiessz: Silent Night left audience laughing in glorious Christmas spirits. If you were in Minnesota and missed it… shame on you!


Christmas Storiessz V: Silent Night at Southern Theater
December 22-23
Tickets: $10

Southern Theater
1420 S. Washington Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

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