Brian’s New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year everyone! We made it to 2017, what a great accomplishment I must say. For a while there I thought we’d be trapped in 2016 forever. Thankfully, days continue to go on and eventually, that horrific year had to come to an end. Now, here we are in a new year with new goals, new expectations, new dreams, wishes, and wants. New everything. This year can be whatever we decide to make of it. So, before I go on with this blog post, I want to wish you the happiest New Year!

We all have our own way of celebrating New Year’s Eve. My parents used to have an annual tradition of hanging out with their friends. I for a while was always celebrating at Mall of America because I was working those evenings. Tierney is usually off with family and friends (I can’t actually say where she was this year, but I have a good hunch the words “Paveks” and “my parents” would come up if I asked).

This year I didn’t have too much planned, just a nice dinner and a discussion about going to see fireworks at the Eye of London came up. As we packed to take off for the fireworks, Brian decided to tag along. Those of you who don’t know Brian, he’s a chicken that Tierney and I have had for the past 8 years. I thought, since Brian hasn’t been out much lately, he deserves to write this blog post. Take it away Brian!

Hello friends! Im Brian. Im at 8.5 years old. I live with Aly now. I lived with Tierney before and I lived with Aly too. They pass me back and forth want they want. I dont know when I will move back with Tierney yet. But hey whenever is cool! Im just happy I get to watch a lot of TV lately.

1-2-17_brian_hiresf1Now that you know some interesting stuff about me, I get to tell you about my night on New Year’s Eve!! Wooo!! Ok, so it all started when I got all dressed up. I got to wear a fancy red bow tie and it had a heart charm on it. I didnt ask for the heart on it. I think Aly got it off a chocolate bear she ate four weeks ago. Im really lucky she kept the bow! After that I was ready to hit the pavement! Off to central London. See? I’m standing by the door ready to leave.

1-2-17_brian_hiresf2If I had to choose the scariest part about living in London, like if you asked me, “Hey, Brian, what’s is the one thing you are most scared of in London?” You know what Id say? Transportation. Im just a little guy, living in a really big and busy world. But I conquered my fears this New Years Eve. I took the tube! The tube is like a train that goes really fast and has a speaker person always shouting, “MIND THE GAP”. Its really nervewracking. You try “minding” a giant hole when your 3 inches tall! After many hops down the steps and a jump-skip into the carriage, I safely sat on my seat waiting for my stop at Oxford Circus.


And here we are! The bright lights of London. We went down Oxford Street and Regent Street and Canary Street…and some other ones I dont remember right now. But we walked A LOT. And there were SO many people because we all wanted to go see…you guessed it, FIREWORKS!


Boom! Boom! Boom! They were awesome! The entire sky was lit up by giant fireworks! There’s me in the picture, can you see me? I was smiling really big because I was SO happy. Standing shoulder to shoulder with a whole bunch of strangers was so much fun because everyone was cheering for the same reason. We all wanted a new year! And we wanted fireworks of course!

What happened after fireworks? The usual thing. Aly dragged me home so she could have a glass of prosecco and eat some pasta before bed. I cant complain because at least she took me out for a night. I wonder what I get to do when Aly takes me out again… Goodbye until next time friends!

I apologize for my not proper grammar. I am only a chicken you know!

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