Apartment Living Update: 1 Year

It’s official. As of May 1, Kyle and I have lived in our apartment for a whole year.

Let me have a totally cliché moment here because “Oh em gee, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year!”

Cliché moment over. Kind of. It truly is crazy to think it’s been a year.

I’m really quite proud of us. A whole year and we’ve managed not to die from lack of nourishment or suffocate under massive piles of laundry. Adulting win, yeah? (I’m imaging all the “real” adults cringing a little while they read this. I swear I’m not quite that incompetent as my blog posts might make me seem…for the most part.)

All jokes about adulting, or lack thereof, aside though, a year seems like a good place to stop and take stock. To see how much we’ve accomplished and what we still want to do. Luckily, this blog can help with that; I wrote a post just under a year ago where I outlined my personal goals for this place we’re calling home. Here was my list:

  1. Pictures to go in the gallery wall frames. – Done! Although there is one empty spot that I never did get around to filling.
  2. Basil plant: to replace my basil plant that died tragically. – Also done…though I think my new basil could have some kind of plant disease…still counts though. And though I’ll need to buy other new herbs, I’ve successfully been caretaker to three cacti, a spider plant, bamboo, lemon balm, and two others I have no idea what they’re called. (And I want more!)
  3. Nightstands that actually match the height of the bed frame. – Done.
  4. Lace curtains. – Half done. I actually just bought some. However, I neglected to buy a curtain rod. So there’s that.
  5. A small kitchen table. – Um…It’s fine to eat all meals on the couch, right?
  6. Butter knives. – Done. Some were stolen permanently borrowed from an old job. Some were courtesy of my mom. Now if we could get our hands on some more spoons, we’d be golden.
  7. Something to organize my jewelry. – Working on it. I have something, but I want to change it.
  8. A can opener. – Done.
  9. And, of course—more hanging of things! – Sadly not much to report on this front. I just can’t seem to decide what it is I want. Although, given that it’s been a year, I should probably opt for the “something is better than nothing” route.

I’d forgotten about this list until I started writing this post (so much for goals), and, minus #9, I feel pretty good about it overall. To put it mildly: I’ve learned a lot in this last year. For instance. It’s possible—though highly annoying—to have only nine spoons. Target is convenient but taking the time to make a grocery list is better. Having a partner whose body temp tends to run hot is the most effective way to warm up freezing toes. Growlers make good cabinet top “decor.” Just because you have a cookbook doesn’t mean you’ll open it. Organization is key, but every house has at least one proverbial junk drawer (I think Kyle and I established ours on Day 1—ha).

So, yeah, I’ve learned a lot. And I’m learning more—about myself, my relationships, this adulting concept, heck, even life itself—every day.

Or maybe every other day. Sometimes all you want to “learn” is what the latest show streaming on Netflix is, am I right?

Anyway. I was cliché earlier, and now it’s my time to be a little sappy. Sorry not sorry. But it’s times like these that make me grateful for the beautiful mess of twenty-something life. To the family that’s helped us move our things and kept us stocked with food and treats, to the friends who’ve come over and helped us make this a lively home, and to the guy who’s put up with my crazy and my disregard for laser levels and my messy side of the closet—thank you all. Love you lots.

Can’t wait to see what another year will bring.

Hopefully it brings me a curtain rod first.

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