Aly’s Greatest Holiday Hits

Easter is a fascinating holiday. It means something different to so many people. Some may see it as a religious holiday; others simply enjoy the deliciously sweet chocolate bunny that appears in a basket of eggs every year. For me, it’s the season of sweet fruit pies (strawberry-rhubarb being one of my favorites!)

The holidays bring out some fun times throughout the year and lead to stories that never get forgotten. Like the time when my cousin…or that one Easter my sister…You all know these stories, right? Well, over the course of my twentysomething years, I’ve accumulated a fair amount. So far in my lifetime, here’s my Greatest Holiday Hits: Vol 1:

  • Drunk On Juice: Once, when I was 10-years-old, I saw that my older sisters were drinking white wine in wine glasses. Out of childish jealousy and desperately wanting to fit in with my older cousins, I begged my dad to pour my Capri Sun juice into a wine glass. He gave in to my pleading and poured my juice into a new glass. Not long after, it seems I wasn’t myself. My sisters noticed that the wine my dad had given them was sweeter than normal, and I entered the room and stumbled to the folding table. “Anybody wanna play Monopoly??” I said with a slur. My dad may have switched the wine glasses around…and what can I say? I was raised never to refuse a free glass of wine.
  • Egg Hunt Gone Wrong: When it comes to family rivalry, I leave it to the rest of the family to deal with. I was never competitive growing up, partly because I lost interest so quickly in highly competitive sports. I did enjoy running games for the family though. In my younger days, I used to hide eggs for my sisters and cousins to run out and find. One egg always had $20 (the grand prize) and there was one with a tiny chicken, while the rest were loaded with loose change. One year, the Egg Hunt stakes were high as my cousins and sisters viciously fought to find these eggs. After seeing my sister’s eggs burst with change and my cousins flock like seagulls to steal her money, that was the end of the Egg Hunt.
  • Aly Showtime: In all honesty, I can’t remember what I did, but I’ve seen enough pictures to know. I liked to perform for my family. That meant that I had everyone’s undivided attention for at least 5-10 minutes. Once I was dressed as an Easter bunny (most likely telling the story of the Easter bunny), another I was dressed as a cowgirl. Why not, right? I sang, danced and performed. To all those who sat through my terrible shows, I’m sorry and thank you for putting up with me!
  • Chromy Chaos: Years ago, my Grandma Chromy would have a holiday gathering for ALL the relatives. I was always excited, yet terrified, for these gatherings. The moment I’d step into the KC Hall, I was on full alert looking out for my uncle and his sons, fearing they’d squash me in a “Chromy Hug”. I’d be keeping a close eye on the boys running around, in case they would try to scare me with a scream mask again. I’d be as close to first in line to get my food before the mischevious cousins started dipping their fingers in the food—it was a joke, one that I never fully understood. Then, there was the greatest of gatherings. All the talk, the laughter and love that filled the room. I’d play some game with my cousins that required me to run through the swinging bathroom doors. The holidays are pretty great, even in the midst of chaos.

This season, I won’t be in Minnesota to enjoy reliving these stories with my family. I’ll miss out in saying, “He stuffed himself like a pig, and then fell asleep.” Most importantly, this Easter I won’t be seeing my Grandma Bisek sneaking goodies off the counter before dinner.

Veselé Velikonoce!
Happy Easter!

*Thank you to my loving partner who refused to let me post a bad picture for my blog post and dedicated some time to draw me the gem above. Love you!

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