All or Nothing

I don’t know that I believe in a work/life balance.

It’s all right there in the word, really. “Balance” just implies something precarious, something that needs constant vigilance. The margin for error is too large. Too much leeway for tipping, falling, failing.

And Aly can tell you: I have pretty crap balance.

I realized recently (Anyone else ever have that sudden moment of “AHA! Now I understand myself!” moment of insight? No? Just me? Ok then…) that I’m a little bit of an “all or nothing” type person.

*Let’s please not make a big deal about the inherent contradiction in “little bit” and “all or nothing.” K thanks.*

Often, I feel as if I’m either operating at 110% capacity or I’m in slug mode. I’m either on top of everything—my job, this blog, reviewing tons of plays, remembering to send friends cards, washing the dishes, reading, keeping up with emails, etc. etc.—or I’m mindless scrolling through my phone without having seen or talked to friends in ages, neglecting everything on my to do list until “tomorrow.”

Whatever you want to call it—balance, harmony, give—it’s important to have some kind of moderation in your life. No matter how much you love your job, you can’t work at 100% capacity for 90 hour work weeks forever. No matter how much you love your couch, you have to leave the house at some point.

No matter how much you love to read, you should also figure out some wedding details, Tierney. *Cough, cough*

Ha. Anyway.

I think a little bit of my issue is that I’m either all in and thriving off it or I’m too paralyzed to begin. Or I’m feeling guilty about all the things I’ve promised to do and haven’t that I keep pretending it doesn’t exist. Those terms might be a little too black and white…but this post isn’t about taking a deep dive into my psyche or my to do list.

I’ve been trying to find some harmony lately. I’ve been doing that bullet journal everyone on Pinterest/Instagram is dying over (no, I’m not sharing “layout pics” because mine is not that pretty) and it’s helping…mostly. I still tend to push a lot of things off until another day, but I am also doing better about fitting both the have to’s and the want to’s into my days.

It feels like a win.

Maybe this is just a personal organization thing. Maybe it’s a more common twenty-something-still-trying-to-figure-things-out-post-college-life thing. But, if you have any tips, please share! I’d love to hear what you think about the work/life balance as well as the chore/Netflix balance.

I’m still learning here, and I’ll take all the help I can get.

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